"Great facility and amazing staff!"
~ Jennifer Grube
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Our curriculum progressively becomes more detailed as the children grow!
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Summary of Programs

Your child will soon be enjoying early learning activities at our setting! FunShine Express Curriculum is a professionally designed Early Learning program for young children. Lesson plans encompass all areas of a child’s development: language, cognitive, physical, and social. Children learn best through interacting with their environment, and FunShine Curriculum activities are designed with that in mind. They will help us prepare your children for a bright future, and have fun along the way!

Benefits for Your Child:

Benefits for Parents/Caregivers:

  • Build enthusiasm for life-long learning
  • They learn socialization and cooperation
  • Learning through experience
  • Skills such as teamwork and respect are taught
  • Concentration, patience
  • Build confidence, self-esteem and autonomy
  • Exposure to diversity
  • Knowledge that your child is participating in a Curriculum program that is aligned with the highest quality standards in Early Childhood Education.
  • You will be involved in your child’s learning. Newsletters, calendars, book lists, blog articles and much more, keep you informed. Children with involved parents do better in school, and show stronger social skills.
  • Your child’s Teacher spends more of each day interacting with children, and less time prepping and planning.


Learn more about the importance of early learning and the curriculum program your child
will be participating in at funshineexpress.com.